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Proper footwear: it is very important to take appropriate sneakers when we started walking for exercise. The soles should be flexible, must be the right size shoes and you change once a year. We will go to a sports store and view your needs and your style with an expert. This will prevent possible injury to the feet and legs.
Walking with flexibility : A flexible shoes will help, but you must still try to take steps in a relaxed, one after another, allowing a natural and flexible movement of the feet.
Do not take too big steps : Many people when they start walking intend to take big steps and reach further. It is wrong because it punishes the feet and calves. It is preferable to take small steps, according to the size of each longer.
Walking with your head up: A good posture allows you to breathe well and keep the body line. Chin up, parallel to the ground and your eyes looking forward about 3 meters.
Do not keep your arms still : If you let your arms hang you run the danger of the hands and arms to swell and also act as a brake. The arms should be moving constantly as a pendulous front and back.
Move your arms correctly : You must have your elbows close to your body and move your arms forward and back, but without crossing the center line of the body and without uploading them above your chest.
Dressing right way : colorful clothing is important (and if you walk at night, fluorescent clothing and biker type clothing that allows sweat. It is also interesting to dress in layers – a shirt, a sweater, a raincoat Garments …. can be removed and worn without resulting in the way. And finally, if you walk during the day is very important to wear a hat for sun protection.
Walk straight : If bends forward or backward you may be suffering a back injury or neck. Walk straight, shoulders relaxed, chin straight and parallel to the ground. Imagine you are higher than they really are. If you have trouble walking straight, try doing exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles.
Drink water : It is important drinking water before, during and after. As a guideline, drink a glass of water 10 minutes before you start walking, a glass every 20 minutes to finish one or two more glasses. Avoid caffeinated beverages before riding, because the cause fluid loss, increased thirst and you’ll have to stop to urinate during exercise. If you can walk for more than two hours, making sports drinks for athletes.
Rest one day a week : It’s so bad not to exercise, how to do it as soon you get sick and lose the initial enthusiasm. Occasionally takes a day off so that your body can repair itself and the muscles can resconstituirse. If you do not conceive of losing a day of exercise, try other once or twice a week.

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