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27068Dr. Oz is one of the most acclaimed physicians in the nation. He’s the Professor of Surgery at Columbia University and has authored over 400 original publications.
 He has authored seven New York Times best sellers, including “You: On Diet,” and has a regular column in Time Magazine and Esquire Magazine. Dr. Oz is the host of a daily talk show on Sirius XM Radio and he recently went on record endorsing raspberry ketone as a dietary supplement.

This hormone ensures that pregnant women, to produce hCG, always have available the necessary energy reserves but eat little and / or in cases of illness, accident or other circumstances may be difficult but both mother and fetus. This is why it can be done comfortably low calorie diet without having anxiety attacks when consumed the appropriate dose of hCG and regulated.

HCG modifies the distribution of body fat and can tolerate a low calorie diet without experiencing irritability, headaches and weakness that are common in weight loss diets. Actually acts diencephalic level hCG in modulating regulatory centers of the hypothalamus, which in turn is responsible for the excessive accumulation of fat.

The research, first published in 1954 by the late Dr. Simeons today show that hCG can correct based disorders of the hypothalamus and thus regulate the metabolism of adipose tissue. His research and subsequent research of Dr. Daniel Belluscio who spent most of his medical career interested in studying the hCG method for weight loss, showing that tolerance to treatment with hCG following the protocol of Dr. Simeons is excellent. It is documented that the treatment is safe and comfortable whenever you carefully follow the prescribed diet and any deviation from protocol produces poor results. We recommend reading the full protocol to make sure the correct procedure. However, to easily find here are the main indications:


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