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food you eat fat and sugar (glucose). Glucose travels through the bloodstream as a normal component of blood. Blood cells then take a small amount of blood glucose for use as energy. The substance that allows the cell to take up glucose from the blood is a protein called insulin.

Insulin is produced by the beta cells found in the pancreas. The pancreas is an organ located near the stomach.

When blood glucose increases, the beta cells secrete insulin into the bloodstream and distributed to all body cells.

Insulin adheres to the surface proteins of the cell and allows the sugar to pass from the blood into the cell, where it is converted into energy.

A person with type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes can not produce enough insulin or it produces is not “sensible”, which means that the body can not use it properly. A person with type 2 diabetes, produces nothing or very little insulin.

Without insulin, body cells can not use glucose in the blood is starting to get hungry while glucose builds up in the bloodstream.

In response to this lack of energy in cells, the brain sends signals that tell the body to eat more.Meanwhile, other body cells for energy trying to breaking down fat cells and muscle. The liver can convert muscle protein into glucose. So begins a vicious cycle: more glucose is created but can not be converted into energy because there is not enough insulin to move glucose from the bloodstream into body cells.

When too much glucose in the blood, the body tries to get rid of it through urine.The urine of healthy people, it contains no sugar. In people with diabetes, excess glucose absorbs water as you would a sponge. The people produce excessive amounts of urine because of all this water. All the urine makes the person feel thirsty, so drink water excessively.

All this is due to a lack of insulin that causes people with diabetes develop the classic symptoms of diabetes: lose weight but have much appetite, drink water and go over to the bathroom constantly.

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